Quality Migrant Admission Scheme

In July, 2006, Hong Kong SAR Government launched the Scheme, with a quota of  1,000 cases a year.

In January 2008, Hong Kong SAR Government adjusted the criteria to accommodate more talents to come to Hong Kong



1.      General/Business migrant

       Age:                 18 or over

       Education:               Bachelor Degree or above

Working Experience:      

2 years or above

Language:         Proficient in Chinese, or English or other languages

Spouse:                   Those who have a Bachelor Degree or above, more marks will be added to the application

Children:                 Those who are under 18, more marks will be added.

       Ties with Hong Kong:

With relative in Hong Kong, more marks will be added


2.  Special Achievement.

       For those who have distinguish achievements in sports or arts or performances


Processing time:      3 months


At present (2008), most people are from professions, such as, finance, accounting, IT, logistics etc.

Famous Chinese pianists Lang Lang and Li Yundi have successfully become Hong Kong resident through this scheme.


Hong Kong Visas

As a general rule, any person other than those having the right of abode in Hong Kong must obtain a visa before coming to Hong Kong for the purpose of taking up employment, training, education, investment or residency.

We can assist you to apply for:

Employment Visa:

You already have an employer in Hong Kong offering you a job.

Training Visa:

You are transferred from an overseas branch of the same company based in Hong Kong for the purpose of training.

Dependent visa (resident permit):

Your spouse and children accompany you to stay in Hong Kong to study or to work.

Change of status:

You change one type of visa from other, such as from a visitor to employment visa.

Change of sponsor

You change from one job to another, of the similar nature.

Extension of stay

Your visa is going to expire and you wish to renew the visa.

Mainland students graduated from educational institutions in Hong Kong Mainland students who are:

  1. graduated from UGC-funded institutions in 1990 or afterwards; or
  2. admitted to study at non UGC-funded institutions in the academic year 2005/2006 and thereafter, and graduated from full-time locally accredited programmes,


with a bachelor degree or above and with job offer may apply to re-enter Hong Kong for employment.


Admission Scheme for Mainland Talents and Professional:


Applications must be submitted by the candidates' employers who should be registered companies in Hong Kong.


Imported workers


Mainland workers who are wishing to come to work in Hong Kong under the Importation of Labour Scheme, applications must be submitted through employers granted with the approval-in-principle to import workers to the Hong Kong Immigration Department.


Hong Kong Investment Visa


Hong Kong SAR government will grant those foreign nationals who establish a company contributing to the prosperity in Hong Kong a visa.


There should be actual injection of capital into the company and the applicant should manage the operation in person.


Those applicants who continuously live in Hong Kong for 7 years will be granted a permanent residency.


Processing time:  2-3 months





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