Why you need a Second Passport

We can see in these past few years that there is a steady increase in the number of applicants that desire a second passport from a stable democratic country. As been a second passport holder opens up a new world of opportunities which the existing passport limits by right to travel or do business because of government restrictions, visa requirements etc. Applicants are interested in using their life savings to invest in some Caribbean countries and other tourist destinations and apply for a second passport and live a peaceful happy retired life.

Some Advantages of Holding a Second Passport

  • More opportunities on travelling and living temporarily in many visa-waiver countries for 90 days to 6 months; lesser restriction on your money transfer and investment in many international financial institutions which normally do not entertain investments from citizens of countries who have to pay international tax for money they make outside their countries.
  • For living in highly taxed jurisdiction a second passport may have advantages in terms of the better international protection and management of your money.
  • Travelling third world countries with some passport can make persons easily target for terrorist, extortion, kidnapping etc, holding a second passport can be really protective.
  • Complete freedom from your government’s intervention and intrusion into one’s personal affairs.
  • A new identity for you and your family, some countries allow change of name and most countries don’t report to the parent country regarding the new citizenship or change of name.
  • In some jurisdiction National Service is mandatory, forcing people into military service; a second passport could protect one from not been obliged for such laws.

The most attractive and better choice jurisdictions offering second passport program or offering Dual Citizenship for international citizens are St. Kitts & Nevis and Antigua. Both have a very reputable dual citizenship program which has maintained its reputation in past 20 years plus. St. Kitts and Antigua are known for their faster procedure and their attractive investment program which provides a second passport for the investor. Even though the above stated two jurisdiction are most preferred these days, country like Hong Kong perhaps might have less well-publicized and administered program but are worth consideration and exploration if you feel a passport from these countries would benefit you .





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